Automated Recruitment System


Smart Recruitment

Prospects can access FAQs and Set Culture. Registrants sign up using digital application forms which can be exported as PDF files. Collate and backup all recruitment data. Track and schedule interviews with just a few clicks. Moreover, Lead Management allows advisors and managers to trace, tag and assign their recruits and customers.

Progress Tracking

Managers can easily track the progress of their recruits. Know which part of the onboarding process they are currently at, giving real time knowledge of their development.

Joint Field Work Schedule

Recruits can request a joint field work schedule with their respective managers to complete their task requirements. This ensures immediate productivity as soon as they are coded and licensed.

Affiliate Program

Exponentially grow your team using our referral system. Advisors and new recruits can share a custom affiliate link to potential customers and fresh recruits giving you better market reach. Set rewards or incentives to keep your team involved in your growth.


Our advanced chatbot will be your sophisticated HR manager, 24/7. It is streamlined and fully automated so you can focus on the important things. Did we mention that it also extends beyond your website to your social media?

Your Brand and Website

Let your brand standout while promoting your team through a recruitstart powered website. Create landing and funnel pages that helps redirect and convert prospects into recruits and or sales. Your website content can also be easily updated through simple drag and drop functionality.

Other Features


Keep your team updated through Telegram integration. Telegram is a cutting edge messaging app that’s available for virtually any device. Now, you can make sure that your team is always in the loop regarding important updates.

Social Media

Let your target market know what’s new with our integrated social media campaign tools. Simple to operate, cost efficient and vastly improves conversion rate compared to doing it on your own.

Event Management System

Promote your own free or paid events through onsite, webinar and livestream conferencing. Entice participants with tiered rewards of your choosing.

Upcoming Updates

E-Learning and Quiz, Leaderboards, Rewards and Incentives, Goals and Tasks, Badges, Calendar and Scheduling System, Innovative Sales Tools and Marketplace

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